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What is an OYAP “Accelerated” program?

Accelerated OYAP Level 1 application 21/22

With the partnership between high schools, Boards of Education and local colleges, programs have been created that give students an enriching experience in a skilled trade profession. Students will have an opportunity to be taught by  Mohawk College instructors in state of the art facilities that give them a head start in the world of apprenticeship. Through any of the “Accelerated” programs, students can:

  • Work towards their Level One apprenticeship schooling in a specific trade
  • Students will have 2 year window to obtain a sponsor and register with Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development
  • Earn hours towards their apprenticeship training (through OYAP/Co-op placement)
  • Earn high school credits
  • Must Register as an OYAP student
  • Must be taking Co-op placement in the trade (during the course)

How do students apply for any of the OYAP “Accelerated” programs?

The application process for any one of the “Accelerated” programs is as follows:

  • Have a strong interest in the sector that they are applying to as a career
  • Be in good academic standing including completion of all compulsory courses prior to starting program and required courses for OSSD to graduate
  • Together with a Guidance Counsellor or Cooperative Education teacher, complete the OYAP Accelerated program application and submit by date established
  • Students will be interviewed by a selection committee which includes teachers from both high school and College
  • Students, parents, and teachers are invited to attend an information sessions
  • Details on information sessions, application due dates, and interview dates will be established during the school year

During the interview process, students will be assessed on the following:

  • Personal Presentation
  • Communication Skills
  • Attitude
  • Motivation
  • Knowledge of Mathematical concepts and principle

Why Participate in Accelerated OYAP?

Accelerated OYAP enables students to:

  • Make a smooth transition into post-secondary apprenticeship programs.
  • Gain important connections with potential employers.
  • Obtain health and safety training.
  • Acquire technical training in up-to-date facilities.                                                                                                                                                                  
  • Hours completed at the placement count towards apprenticeship.

What programs do we offer?

Over the past few years through Mohawk College we have  participated in various AOYAP Programs: Automotive Service Technician (Level 1), Truck and Coach Service Technician (Level 1), General Carpenter (Level 1), Construction Craft Worker (Level 1)

For these programs students must be in Co-operative Education and signed up as an OYAP student at the beginning of the semester program being offered. All Level 1 programming courses are delivered through Mohawk College except for Construction Craft Worker which is delivered by LIUNA in Winona. 

The Accelerated Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs provide the opportunity for senior secondary students to attend Apprenticeship Training and work with employers in Cooperative Education work placements as registered apprentices.  The program receives funding from the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development. (MLTSD).

Note: programs will be offered if we have enough student interest in programs. Also, location of where programs will run are established on a yearly basis.
For further information please contact: OYAP Coordinator for BHNCDSB at 519 756 6505 ext. 246