There are over 150 skilled trades that involve apprenticeship training.

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Benefits for Employers

5 Reasons to Hire and Train an Apprentice
by the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.

There are many benefits for employers who participate in OYAP, including:

  • Gaining access to an excellent source of young, enthusiastic and skilled students with strong support systems to ensure success.
  • Having the ability to take a student/potential employee on a TRIAL basis before commitment to register them as an apprentice.
  • Helping to build a skilled workforce by increasing student awareness of the company and trade within the community.
  • Promoting awareness of job opportunities while helping to reduce youth unemployment.
  • Having the option to continue or to stop the apprenticeship training at the end of the co-op placement. (Can terminate the arrangement at any time if problems arise.)
  • Potentially being eligible for financial incentives or tax credits.”

For more information about apprenticeship training from an employer perspective,
please click here for the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum’s Employer Toolkit.

The following five videos, created by Rogers TV, share Employer and Journeyperson perspectives on these topics: What is an Apprentice?, Benefits to Employers, Steps for Success, Retention & Loyalty, and Success Stories.

what is apprenticeship benefits
What is an Apprentice? Benefits to Employers
success retention
Steps for Success Retention & Loyalty
success stories  
Success Stories