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Girls in Skilled Trades

Trades are for everyone!

The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum estimates that only one in ten apprentices are female.  Many girls don’t consider trades as a career path because of the traditional perception that trades are for males.  Trades are for everyone!  There is no reason that females shouldn’t consider all skilled trades as a first choice option.  If you have an interest in construction, motive power, services or industrial trades, male or female… go for it!”

Check out what Hayley Wickenheiser from Canada’s Olympic Hockey Team had to say about this at event with the Huron Perth Catholic District School Board and Avon Maitland District School Board.

Now listen to what some female OYAP students from the Halton Catholic and
Halton District School Boards have to say about their experiences…”


I had an amazing OYAP experience!  I was placed at Millers Millwork & Hardware Inc. in Windsor, ON to explore the career of Construction Craft Worker.  Since I would be ‘Co-oping’ in a male dominated trade, I wasn’t sure how I would be treated or how the woodworkers would react to working with me in the construction field.  I was pleased to report that the guys all treated me in the same way they treated each other.  They made me feel comfortable and as if I was a member of their ‘team’.  I was able to learn how to make drawers, bread boards, stair treads, and a whole lot more.   My co-workers were able to leave me alone with a project and know that it would get done properly. I learned something new every day.  During my Co-op experience, I also participated in the Dual Credit program at St. Clair College in Home Renovation Trade Skills.  There, I was able to further develop my woodworking skills and learn some of the basics of different types of home construction. We learned things like roofing, dry walling, siding, laying tiles, electrical installing and piping.  Dual Credit was a beneficial and worthwhile experience that helped me to confirm my career path. I knew I wanted to be in the construction trade but I wasn’t certain what area I wanted to pursue.  The co-op experience, combined with the Dual Credit course, allowed me to try out some new things to see what I liked and disliked.  I now know that I want to be carpenter/woodworker.  Next year, in Grade 12, I will be returning to Miller’s to further develop and improve my construction skills.  With another year of maturity, hard work and knowledge, my goal is to get signed on as an apprentice…my stepping stone to becoming a licensed female Construction Craft Worker!


My name is Raymie and I love the plumbing trade! I have always been creative; from my very beginning I have loved making things. In elementary school I enjoyed all things artistic; working with my brain and my hands was to me real education. When I got to high school I took Construction Technology courses and knew the trades were for me. I love working out in the fresh air and traveling around to different work sights. I don’t have to work in an office and really like the variety, high tech and great wages offered by the construction trades. I’m learning from master technicians “on site” rather than some dry old textbook and can work on the water and drain systems in our own house. I attended the accelerated Level One program at Humber College and really enjoyed the 8 week experience. My marks were great because everything was so interesting and related to the work I was doing at my co-op placement. OYAP made this all possible for me and looked after all the details. My sister and my boy friend are also plumbing apprentices and we all agree: the trades are the greatest. Thank you OYAP!