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Glossary of Terms

Apprentice: A trainee who learns a skilled trade by working directly with a certified journeyperson in the trade.

Apprenticeship: A formalized training program which combines on-the-job and in-school training resulting in journeyperson status.

Certificate of Apprenticeship: This document shows that an apprentice has successfully completed his/her apprenticeship.

Certificate of Qualification: This document is obtained when a written exam is completed and passed with a mark of at least 70%. It identifies a journeyperson.

College of Trades: An industry-driven, professional regulatory body that protects the public by regulating and promoting the skilled trades.

Competencies: Individual skills that must be mastered in all apprenticeships.

Compulsory Trades: Compulsory Trades are those which require that only registered apprentices and licensed journeypersons practice in the trade.

Journeyperson: A skilled professional who has completed an apprenticeship program by demonstrating competency in specific skills and has completed the Certificate of Qualification or deemed to be equivalent.

Loans for Tools Program: A program available to first-year apprentices offering a loan to help purchase tools and equipment needed to perform the trade in which the apprentice is registered.

OYAP: The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program allows secondary school students the opportunity to gain experience in the skilled trades.

Red Seal Program: The Red Seal endorsement on a journeyperson’s Certificate of Qualification confirms that the person has achieved a nationally recognized level of competency in the trade and is licensed to practice his/her trade in any province or territory of Canada.

Registered Training Agreement: The contract of apprenticeship which is signed before the apprenticeship begins. This is the agreement under which the employer or sponsor agrees to train and instruct the apprentice.

Skilled trade: A skilled trade is any trade for which apprenticeship training and certification is available.

Trade Designations: Trades are categorized as either Compulsory or Voluntary Trades under the Ontario College of Trades and Apprenticeship Act.

Trade school: Most apprenticeships require two to three sessions of trade school, usually 8 -10 weeks each and often delivered at a community college.

Voluntary Trades: Voluntary Trades do not require registration or licensing for a person to legally work in the trade.