Jonathan Njari

École secondaire catholique Champlain in Chelmsford. During my high school years, I was accepted to the Specialist High Skills Major in mining. I had the opportunity to complete my first co-op placement in the field of heavy machinery at Bélanger Construction in Chelmsford. At first, I was a little uncertain, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my experience! Following my first co-op placement last year, I got a part time job after school hours and in the summer. In September, I told my co-op teacher that I was serious and I wanted to continue my education as a truck and coach technician. That's when a custom timetable was created for me at school, all the while meeting the requirements of my SHSM program. I am now registered as an apprentice in the OYAP program at Bélanger Construction. This semester, I am continuing my apprenticeship and finishing level 1 the heavy equipment program at Collège Boréal. I must say that my dream has truly become a reality!

Thanks to my SHSM program, my employer is really impressed that I obtained basic certifications in the economic sector. When I look back, I realize that in grade 10, I didn't really like to sit all day in the classroom, but I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. However, I knew I wanted to work with my hands. I cannot believe how far I have come since grade 10, and this would not be possible without the SHSM program, and the support of my employer and my teachers. Every day, I learn a lot and I'm improving my techniques. I love my placement so much that I no longer want to miss school! I accomplish a lot more on my placement this year, because I am more familiar with and confident in the field. I will definitely continue my apprenticeship in this field. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to learn and I want to thank Maurice, Dean and all the other employees at Bélanger Construction.