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Manufacturing Day 2017

Oct.5TH 2017

Participating Schools and Industries

SJC – Apogee Ceramics/ iSPAN Systems

ACS- Gizeh Packaging/ Hematite/ Bowman Precision Tooling/ Massilly North America,

HT-  Toyotestu/ Titan Trailers

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Titan Trailers

Titan Trailers makes custom truck trailers for a variety of purposes and industries, including trailers to transport grain, steel, aggregate, asphalt, lumber and other products. Some trailers have a moving floor to make loading and unloading easier.





JP Bowman

J.P. Bowman uses advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies to produce complex metal stamping dies that produce automotive parts for car makers around the world. Technologies include Blue light 3D imaging and metal forming simulation software.





Massilly North America

Massilly North America Inc. provides Twist Caps, Easy Open Ends, Capping Machinery and related services. We serve the food and beverage industry and a variety of other packaging manufacturers throughout Canada, the USA, Mexico and South America. Massilly North America Inc. is a member of The Massilly Group, a leading global supplier of closures, food cans, decorative tins, and aerosol cans.

Our mission, to be the best manufacturer and supplier of metal twist closures and sealing machines for the food and beverage industry, is also reflected in our core values, as we focus on superior quality and extreme customer service.


Apogee Ceramics

Apogee Ceramics Inc. is a ceramic manufacturer – headquartered in Brantford, Ontario – that specializes in infrared plaques, custom refractory, foundry products and technical ceramics. We supply companies in North America, Europe and Asia, servicing industrial, commercial and residential markets.



Ispan Systems

TOTALJOIST is a patented quality floor joist system that provides the total solution for framers, a reliable product offered exclusively by iSPAN Systems LP.

At iSPAN systems LP we are able to meet the challenges of any stick framed project with our State of the Art Manufacture Equipment. Our goal is to provide the construction industry with quality innovative solutions for today’s challenging construction projects, on time, every time and our team of industry professionals are available to assist our customers.





Gizeh has been in business since 1920 and was a pioneer in thermoforming and injection molding in the 1960's in Europe. We currently have 9 manufacturing companies in 6 locations throughout Europe and Canada. With our workforce numbering approximately 600 people, we operate 150 production lines and manufacture more than 3 billion pieces per year. Our technologies include injection molding, thermoforming, thermoforming with barriers, and injection stretch blow molding. We are innovative in our decoration approaches and offer in-mold labeling, shrink sleeving, off-mold labeling, direct and digital printing options.




John Pavanel is the  President of Hematite Manufacturing. We're an automotive parts manufacturer. We do acoustic components for interior applications, and we do underbody components for exterior applications.

The business started - my father was a chemical engineer that worked for BF Goodrich and decided he wanted to do something on his own. One of the development projects was with Ford Motor Company and it was to recycle trim scrap from interior components of the vehicles. Ford Motor Company was landfilling 20 million pounds of scrap. There wasn't an environmental cause to find a solution to that. The Township was simply running out of space to bury the stuff, so it was an opportunity for us.




Toyotetsu Canada plans to build a new auto-parts plant in Simcoe, Ont. creating 250 jobs in Canada's depressed tobacco country.

The $50-million plant will supply parts to the Toyota plant in Cambridge, as well as a second auto plant being built in Woodstock.

Toyotetsu is owned by Toyoda Iron Works Co. of Japan.