Bruce Power


The Secondary School Co-op program at Bruce Power is intended to provide students in Bluewater and Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Boards with the opportunity to explore future career options in a safe learning environment. Students are not paid during the work placement; however, they can receive up to four credits and may be eligible to register as an apprentice under the Ontario Young Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) depending on the type of work performed.

The co-op program consists of:

  1. a one to two week orientation program including safety, Bruce Power expectations, and responsibilities, and computer based training (CBTs),
  2. an in class component of at least 40 hours per semester,
  3. an all day, entire semester, four credit package,
  4. alternative work placement hours; depending on the placement, students may be requested to work shifts or longer hours,
  5. two formal assessments,
  6. weekly logs that account for learning outcomes,
  7. a major final assignment,
  8. numerous minor assignments, and
  9. opportunities to register as an apprentice under the OYAP program.

For a candidate to be considered into the co-op program, the student must:

  1. be at least 16 years of age by the time he or she begins the placement,
  2. have good problem-solving skills,
  3. have at least two in-class credits that pertain to the placement,
  4. be functionally literate,
  5. possess basic computer skills,
  6. successfully pass the Bruce Power’s security screening process, and
  7. be enrolled as a full-time student in either a Bluewater District School Board or a Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board secondary school at the time of placement.