Take Charge of Your Future


Cooperative Education allows a student to "try on" a potential career choice by going to work for part or all of the school day. Students are able to earn high school credits and gain valuable work experience at the same time. Each student has a personalized placement learning plan (PPLP) which provides the framework for this learning opportunity.

Although students spend most of their time at the work placement, they do complete an in-school pre-placement session and participate in integration days at school throughout the semester. Co-op courses must be based on a related course (i.e. a transportation co-op would require a senior transportation course).

Cooperative Education lets students:

  1. learn about their own strengths, interests and special skills,
  2. learn about the range of career opportunities available,
  3. develop the invaluable employability skills and attitudes for future success,
  4. gain confidence by setting goals, developing plans and acting on them,
  5. apply in-school knowledge in out-of-school settings,
  6. receive career specific skills from experts in the field.

For more information on Co-operative Education and how to apply, contact your Co-operative Education Department at your local secondary school.